Phenix Mobile SDK v2021.0.0 Pre-release Notes

Release Date: 2021.01.07


  • Improved error handling when attempting to start subscribers and publishers with capabilities and edge stream tokens

  • Reduce occurrences of audio drop out and lip sync issues on Android

  • Publish and subscribe should fail when caller supplies a stream token with capabilities in conjunction with explicitly capabilities (withCapabilities) to the builder; either approach works independently but both simultaneously will fail

Issues addressed in this release:

  • Fixed broken time shifts for very long running streams

To get the Android SDK:

  • Update the Phenix SDK version in build.gradle file to `2021.0.0`

To get the iOS SDK:

  • Update the Phenix SDK version in Podfile to `2021.0.0-beta`

Or contact Phenix for the iOS SDK download location.

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