Phenix Mobile SDK v2021.0.7 Pre-release Notes

Release Date: 2021.05.06


  • iOS: Time-shifts playing back VOD content are now auto-paused when entering background without background audio playback permissions. Such time-shifts will no longer be stopped when backgrounding and can be resumed by the app if desired when coming back into foreground.

Issues addressed in this release:

  • Android: Fixed null pointer crash in AudioPlaybackJniAdapter

  • Fixed sporadic crashes

  • iOS: Fixed small memory leaks when publishing

  • iOS: Fixed time-shift video playback after foregrounding a backgrounded app

To get the Android SDK:

  • Update the Phenix SDK version in build.gradle file to `2021.0.7`

To get the iOS SDK:

  • Update the Phenix SDK version in Podfile to `2021.0.7-beta`

Or contact Phenix for the iOS SDK download location.

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