Getting Started

The best way to get started with Phenix is to try it out with your own demo channel using a web browser and a content source such as a webcam. Phenix’s pre-built examples for the web make publishing and viewing content quick and simple.

If you already a Phenix customer and have an AppID and Secret, please see the Advanced Demo page.

All modern browsers support WebRTC. A list of supported browsers can be found here:

To create your own demo channel, contact Phenix for a channel alias.

The examples below use “#YourDemoChannelAlias” as the channel alias.


To publish to a demo channel via a browser, use the URL:

Publish your webcam by selecting the desired options and clicking the red cloud up-arrow icon.

Make sure your browser has permission to use your webcam.

The screen will indicate the video and audio bitrates.

Alternatively, you can select the link icon on the left to specify a media URI to use as a content source, or the astronaut icon to access advanced options.


View the output of the published demo channel by clicking the View Channel link or by using the URL:


You can put the two browsers side by side to see the amount of delay from publishing to viewing.


To stop publishing, either click the red X or close the browser tab that is publishing.

What’s Next?

For integration testing or access to private repos that require additional credentials, see the Advanced Demo page.

For additional demonstrations and sample code, follow the links below.


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