Advanced Demo

To go beyond the basic demonstrations outlined in the “Getting Started” page, contact Phenix for the following information to access different features of the Phenix system.



How to access



How to access

Github Repo at

Public and private Phenix Repos.

A number of demo repositories are also available publicly, such as

Contact Phenix with the GitHub IDs of the users that require access to private repositories

RTMP Ingest Testing

Test RTMP Ingest; refer to

Contact Phenix for a Stream Key. If you have an AppID and Secret, refer to this page on how to find your Stream Key.

Integration Testing

Test integration of your system with Phenix APIs, log into the customer portal, and other evaluations detailed below

Provide your Phenix contact with your preferred AppID (typically a domain name such as

AppID and Secret

Once you have your AppID and Secret, you can:

You can also review the following examples of non-minified JavaScript scripts:

If your AppID and Secret no longer work, they may have expired. Please contact Phenix for updated credentials.