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What bitrates are used for encoding and publishing?JK PhenixAug 23, 2021
Does Phenix encrypt its real-time streams?JK PhenixFeb 26, 2021
What is the difference between a CDN and Phenix’s real-time streaming platform?JK PhenixFeb 25, 2021
What are the benefits of the Phenix Hardware Encoder?JK PhenixFeb 10, 2021
Capture Device CompatibilityJK PhenixFeb 10, 2021
What is the difference between a “Channel” and a “Room” and when should I use them?JK PhenixFeb 02, 2021
What is the .digest field portion of the Auth token?JK PhenixDec 14, 2020
When do sessions and sessionIds expire?JK PhenixDec 09, 2020
How does Phenix handle adaptivity for challenging internet connections?JK PhenixOct 23, 2020
Does Phenix have any WebSocket reconnect mechanisms built into the Web SDK?JK PhenixOct 01, 2020
What is the recommended minimum hardware spec for devices used to publish streams from a web browser to a Phenix channel at optimal quality?JK PhenixOct 01, 2020
How does Phenix handle rapid join rates and broadcast size audiences? Does Phenix use Kubernetes?JK PhenixOct 01, 2020
How does the rollout of 5G affect latency and video streaming with Phenix vs its competitors?JK PhenixOct 01, 2020
Why is Phenix real-time streaming different from off the shelf WebRTC?JK PhenixOct 01, 2020
How is Phenix able to scale a WebRTC stream to millions of viewers?JK PhenixOct 01, 2020
How does Phenix Real-Time Streaming compare with protocols such as CMAF?JK PhenixSept 30, 2020
On which cloud platforms is the Phenix platform deployed?JK PhenixSept 29, 2020
Video Player SupportJK PhenixSept 29, 2020

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