Phenix Mobile SDK v2020.1.68 Pre-release Notes

Release Date: 2020.11.12


  • Shortened duration for TimeShift to become ready

  • Improved TimeShift playback reliability

  • Setting the RTP/UTC time base needs to use the correct DVR section start time

  • TimeShift seeking needs to prevent deadlocks on calling thread

  • Move callback handling in AndroidJavaAudioRenderDevice to a separate thread

  • Handle bluetooth headset connections and disconnections with AEC enabled on Android

  • Revert audio capture time-stamping logic back to using local timestamp


To get the Android SDK:

  • Update the Phenix SDK version in build.gradle file to `2020.1.68`


To get the iOS SDK:

  • Update the Phenix SDK version in Podfile to `2020.1.68-beta`

Or contact Phenix for the iOS SDK download location.

Notes on Integrating the Android SDK

In order to support BlueTooth functionality

Add the following to the manifest:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.BLUETOOTH" />

Notes on Integrating the iOS SDK



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