Customer Portal

Quickly and easily verify Channel status and manage Channels on the fly via the Customer Portal.



Channel & Stream Management 

The Phenix Customer Portal gives portal users the ability to verify channel status, preview the current video & audio, and manage channels in real time.

  • Manage channels with Create & Delete

  • Replicate streams from one channel to another with Fork & Kill

  • Control streams within a channel with stream terminate

  • Check on channel details

    • View primary stream

    • View all streams

    • Find HLS & DASH links if enabled

    • Get channel properties such as channel Alias and channel ID 

    • Resolution and frame rate in frames per second (FPS) shown for video previews in the Details view

  • Generate and copy permalinks (with EdgeAuth tokens) for publishing or subscribing using the page accessed via the "EdgeAuth" menu item from any Channel in the Channel list. You can select the duration and capabilities for the link. These links can be used as-is, embedded in web pages, or the tokens can be used as you would any EdgeAuth token.

On the Create Token page, you can copy either the entire permalink or copy only the individual token or tokens.

For permalinks containing multiple tokens, you can copy each token individually using the “Copy” button next to the token. For example, a permalink for publishing has both auth and publish tokens.

Use the “Debug Token” page to extract information from a token.

Paste a token (starting with DIGEST:) in the text box, click “Debug Token”, and information about the token is shown below the text box.

Real-time reporting

Track status and usage as it happens. View usage information for current and past channels and viewers, including time to first frame, minutes published and viewed, viewer information and geographic breakdown.

Available reports include Summary, Current Activity, Usage, and Time to First Frame.

  • Select desired date ranges

  • Download Publishing & Viewing reports

  • Navigate directly to reports from channel details


Some reports can also be downloaded from the portal or via REST API to further analyze data.

  • Summary - overview of the previous 24 hours and 30 days of publishing and viewing

  • Current Activity - summary session and user data by country

  • Usage - publishing and usage numbers and trends. This report has been enhanced to allow portal users to select a time range for the report, and includes Minutes Per User and Minutes Per Stream

  • Time to First Frame - charts the TTFF for Real-Time, DASH Live, and HLS Live users.

  • Under the Analytics menu:

    • Publishing shows video and audio quality, duration of published stream, peak concurrent views, total views for the selected time period

    • Viewing shows video and audio quality of both origin and viewed stream, viewer-specific information, and user agent for the selected time period.

    • Fork History (source and destination, status of request, etc.)

    • Concurrents (number of concurrent views for the Channel)

    • Ingest (underruns, in milliseconds, useful to see the connection quality, especially for RTMP ingest). Even if the underruns are too small to be seen on the graph, downloading the report may show a pattern of smaller underruns.

  • Messages (messages as described in the API documentation)

Release Notes

Release notes for the Phenix Customer Portal can be found at the links below.


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