Phenix Mobile SDK v2020.1.49 Pre-release Notes

Release Date: 2020.08.21

Issues addressed in this release:

  • Stream restart on change in network type

  • Fix for the last message observable - improve reliability on new message arrival

  • Removed unnecessary animation (iOS)


To get the Android SDK:

  • Update the Phenix SDK version in build.gradle file to `2020.1.49`

Contact Phenix for the iOS SDK download location.

Notes for both SDK platforms:

To take advantage of the new functionality in support of stream restarts on change in network type, it works as follows:

  • App calls subscribeToMemberStream and passes a callback (last argument) to get notified when we successfully subscribed.

  • Once subscribed, the app's callback is invoked.

  • If there is a network switch, the SDK will start monitoring the stream and watch for data for about 5 seconds. If there is no (or very little) data, we consider the connection lost and the SDK will restart it.

  • If a stream is restarted due to a lack of data, the callback set by the app in subscribeToMemberStream will be invoked, to indicate the restart. This will provide the app with a new ExpressSubscriber (and Renderer if the app requested one).

Based on the options initially passed to subscribeToMemberStream, the app can either let the SDK create the renderer, or the app can create a renderer itself.

  • If the app is letting the SDK manage the renderer, the SDK will stop the renderer and create a new renderer when the stream needs to be restarted.

  • If the app manages the renderer, then the app must make sure to stop and dispose of the old renderer and before creating a new one once it receives a new ExpressSubscriber.


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