Phenix Mobile SDK v2020.1.60 Pre-release Notes

Release Date: 2020.09.16

IMPORTANT: We only recommend this update for the VOD applications (not Live). This release has an issue that affects Live timeshifts.

Issues addressed in this release:

  • Fix for further potential deadlocks that may occur when calling Renderer.Seek

  • Fix for short DVR segments not looping

  • Fix for deadlock when calling Renderer.Seek

  • Improved VOD stream startup and seeking times and stability

  • Improved performance by avoiding pixel format conversions where possible


To get the Android SDK:

  • Update the Phenix SDK version in build.gradle file to `2020.1.60`

To get the iOS SDK:

  • Update the Phenix SDK version in Podfile to `2020.1.60-beta`

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